Using data to build stronger communities

A talk by Matt Weaver
Public Sector Lead, Objectivity Limited

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About this talk

For the last few months, our consultancy director Matt Weaver has taken the role of interim head of Data Analytics and Insight for Lambeth Council. He have seen how people work together to address difficult and far-reaching challenges. The team has continually helped many departments to achieve their objectives. Our remit stretches across housing, benefits, public health, adult social care, child services and many other areas. Given our constraints, the aim is to provide the best value with the least possible (and responsible) effort.

We are constantly looking to make reasonable compromises and automate processes wherever we can. The Microsoft Power Platform continues to play a large part in what we do. There is a continual trade-off between value and effort in a team that has an enormous heart and a much smaller capacity.

Data is important, but it is not information. We must collect, refine, validate, and process this raw material to deliver meaningful insights for the departments we support. With these insights, Stakeholders can make informed decisions that have a direct impact on people in the Lambeth community. As well as keeping our government fully informed at all times.

The way people work together to achieve incredible results is a continual and welcoming surprise. It is a combination of hard work and commitment, supported by new and emerging technologies that make this possible. All of this takes place in a time when investments are necessarily reducing as we divert funds to areas that need them most.

In these challenging times, the ability to reduce manual effort and use data to drive better decision making is essential. With modern technologies in place, council staff can focus on what they do best. Using their skills and experience to sustain and improve the communities they serve.

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